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9 Things I Learned at the Festival of Faith & Writing 2012

1. (Getting Your Hustle On: The Icky, Necessary Art of Self-Promotion…) Use a hashtag (#) before a specific topic/word when tweeting includes that tweet in a list easily found in a search for that subject (e.g., #inspiring) at twitter.com.

[I had been wondering how to become part of a larger conversation and found that just asking a question didn’t bring anyone to @harmlessjoyce. Adding a hashtag before a word organizes my tweet with others who’ve used the same designation to identify their tweet topic.]

2.  (Where the Servants Dwell) A writer’s focus, according to Gary Schmidt, comes when we find and attend to that question that stirs us and leads us to write stories that say to the reader: “Why don’t you try this?”

3.  (Cultivating Curiosity) Write about what makes us most uncomfortable because whatever seems unpleasant is typically important.

4.  (What Digital Publishing Can Do for You) Self-publishing will be most successful if the author knows how to reach her/his audience. Authors who capture a sizeable audience will often grab the attention of a traditional publisher.

5. (How to Write It So They Will Come) “Bury fear in faith or bury talent in fear.” (Ann Voskamp)

6.  (Wonderfully Made: Writing Poems of Awe) The context of poetry that inspires wonder must include these three: intellectual content; physical information that appeals to the five senses; and emotional content that makes it engaging. (from a talk by Jamaal May)

7.  (The Writer as Reader) Teaching writing seems to be most effective when the focus is at the sentence level.

8.  (Role of Place in Fiction) When writing about the setting of a scene, provide one piece of detail within the panorama to build credibility—makes readers more apt to trust the narrator and believe in the author’s created world.

9.  Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie doesn’t think of symbolism when she writes; she believes that is for readers to decide.


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