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Where is Heaven?

Into the heavens

The protagonist of “Pieces of You” is offered a glimpse of Heaven by his spirit guide. ‘Hear’ them discuss where it is and what he will find there:

 “Are you sure you’re not an angel, Zachri? I’m pretty sure you belong on their side but if you’d show me your wings I’d be fully convinced. I’m only joking! Remember the story you told me about the purple gown and wings? Are you sure your home base isn’t what prophets and poets describe as Paradise?”

“Oh, you mean the place where I store my wings when they’re not in use or when they need to be cleaned!”

“All right, tour guide and occasional comedian; I wouldn’t mind a glimpse, but only a brief layover, into this future.”

“You still don’t understand, Mark. Unlike man’s linear perception of time and space, true existence – beyond the physical – spans past, present and future simultaneously. ‘Heaven’ is already here but much of its beauty is hidden for now. A day is coming when the Earth will be restored and renewed and your liberated world will know our peace.

You will understand it with your first step behind the veil that separates the earthly from the ‘heavenly’. Shall we go?”

“Yes, please.”

Mark was stunned by his own response. He’d always been an intensely rational man but he couldn’t stop, especially after he felt something gently removing his panic as though it were his coat.

In the next instant Mark was transported through the ultimate mystery to an experience radically new yet tinged with the familiar; a place of purity, peace, vibrant colors and dramatic energies.

“Can you describe what you are seeing and feeling, Mark?”

“Busyness. How astonishing! I see beings doing a great variety of activities, all with a look of pure contentment. This is beauty beyond belief. I see colors that are indescribable, light-reflecting brilliance that bathes everything in splendor but also beauty in every creature, the breathtaking kind associated with cherry blossoms at their perfection or the setting sun’s transformation of earth and water. Describing it requires words I never learned.

How does this fit with your perception of the heavenly place beyond our physical world?

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