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Novel Excerpt: An Invitation to Step Behind the Veil

In yesterday’s post, Zachri, a spirit guide, suggests a partnership with Kirk, currently in a coma but able to interact spirit to spirit. The conversation continues:

You still don’t understand that heaven is not a setting reserved for the future. It’s already here, but in a dimension of time and space that can rarely be penetrated. Your earthly nature is somewhat like the negative of 35 mm film—the negative is a tonal inversion of the normal film, making the light seem dark— whereas, in the heavenly realm darkness is replaced by light. Everything that is visible is darkened­—or less important, but all this is invisible now—or not understood—becomes transparent in heaven. Human beings innately know that or they wouldn’t declare that the most amazing things rather than the commonplace are heavenly. But nothing I could say would have the impact of one step behind the veil that separates the earthly from the heavenly. Shall we go?”

Will you join me here tomorrow to accompany Kirk on a visit into “the afterlife?”

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