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For one moment, one word or touch, one song…

I cried when Nicolas Cage as the angel, Seth, in City of Angels, said when asked if he was sorry he had become human to be with the woman who died shortly after he renounced his wings : ” I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.”retrieved from \”Symphony of Love\” Most romantic souls understand this sentiment, and I did not waver from my belief when similarly tested shortly after seeing this movie for the second time.

Last night I heard a song that I would rather have heard than all other music without it. The song is not new; neither is the play Hairspray beautifully performed this time by a local cast at the Grand Rapids Civic Theater. Soaring out of the incredible words and music—really only the packaging— arose the astonishing voice of Lisa Whitley-Butler (aka Motormouth Maybelle) singing “I know where I’ve been.” The beauty interpreted through my senses made me think that such perfection is a tiny peek into a better world, maybe even heaven.

And the most amazing part is that human beings have the ability to give such beauty and inspiration to each other, sometimes only for a moment but in that moment, a life could be altered. It makes me feel sad (and guilty) that we so often waste such ability on only ourselves, or that we turn our God-given artistry toward a darker purpose, toward activities which inspire hate and fear rather than hope and fondness.

For those of us who cannot sing, maybe we can say or write just the right word; for those who cannot be expressive through language, a touch may say it even more effectively. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear that someone would rather have that moment with us than  immense popularity but without ever having the crowds fade away as you or I emerged?

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