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On Writing, by Rod Serling

One of the discussion points in this marvelous interview is about teaching writing. Rod Serling says that every writing professor should have studied the problems of our time as they relate to the youth of our time. Since I teach communications, this point stood out for me. A second point that had personal relevance was the question “Does espousing a cause lose character credibility?” Serling’s response:”leave that soapbox behind, but carry with you at all times your sense of caring…and put it into the mouths of flesh and blood people.” Yet Serling, best known for his television series,”The Twilight Zone,”often inserted in his scripts the themes of war, politics and equality. A quote by Gene Roddenberry explains how Serling enacted this guideline:

“No one could know Serling, or view or read his work, without recognizing his deep affection for humanity … and his determination to enlarge our horizons by giving us a better understanding of ourselves.”

After watching the interview on YouTube, which point(s) are most useful or startling to you?

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