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How to Get Along with Hrossa, Sorns, Pfifltriggi AND Alienated Humans

How can we get along with hrossa, sorns & pfifltriggi (C. S. Lewis’ Malacandra/Mars’ inhabitants)?

(1) Allow each to do what they do best, what their body shape, special interests,  and intelligence are highly suited for;

(2) Do not treat one type as the ruler of the others but honor each because they all make necessary contributions for sustaining living conditions, even in a fading paradise;

(3) Accept that just because a species seems to have more animal traits than ours and lives in a place we always thought simply uninhabitable, their intellects and intuitions may very well be worlds above ours;

and most importantly,

(4) Honor and obey Maleldil  because He is the only true ruler, even though He has sealed the Earth to protect the rest of the universe from its bent Oyarsa. Oh, and do believe in eldila, even though you can only vaguely perceive their presence.

Now, do we honestly need any more rules for living harmoniously in ours or alien lands?

Out of the Silent Planet in animated form by Puddleglum (a video series on YouTube)

Have you Made Love by the Sea?

One of the most romantic songs I have heard is Rod McKuen’s “The Sea.” My bucket list includes making love by the sea with a man I love while listening to that music.  Since it has not yet occurred, I lived it vicariously through the protagonist of my novel, Pieces of You.

I will share what I wrote, hoping that you will share how close this matches your own experience–that is, if you have been fortunate enough and romantic enough to follow this path. Now please do NOT describe the details of your intimacy (this is NOT that kind of a blogsite and I will not  write that kind of detail primarily because I do not think it is the most romantic, loving way of expressing this beautiful, God-given act!).

Now here’s my impression as depicted in my manuscript:

“I think it is time to possess our paradise by the sea! As Janine grabbed his hand, she was humming a Bon Jovi song: ‘Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear…’ [38] When they reached the water’s edge, the waves took over and hummed a chorus.

“Kirk, do you believe the sea will say of us, ‘they loved one Sunday?’”

“My darling, I am quite certain the sea will know as soon as I touch you that my love for you is deep, yet fluid and endless, like the sea merging with the ocean. One Sunday—yes, it knows of our loving today but it doesn’t count time in hours or weeks or years. From the sea’s vantage point, our love endures for an eternity of Sundays, for true love never fails. We could fail in serving love, but we cannot escape once we assent to loving; it might take on a different form but some part always remains. We may even be able to push the sensation of loving deep down into our subconscious, but that does not extricate it from our soul. Do you understand why I wanted your assent to marrying me?”

“Hmmm… I could exclaim that I’ve been captured, but instead I declare that I am freed to love you with all that I am and to share with you all that I have.”

“You have the most marvelous way of kissing me, Kirk! Your lips unlock all the desire otherwise dormant in my body. Your lips bring to life every part of me that can respond physically, but it is not limited to physical touch. The physical is only the threshold to a much deeper, more mysterious absorption into an exquisite knowing and being known. Finding words to express my love is like trying to capture the essence of the sea: its beauty and power, its mysteries hidden within the deep, its ability to convey both extraordinary peace and intense longing within the same gaze.

I want to be immersed in your body, to have the longing satisfied but never quenched. I want to make you cry out for me, to cry with me in ecstasy, to find a place of beauty unimaginable, inexpressible, ours. It’s not a place redeemed but discovered for the first time, every time. Every inch of your body that is not already sensitive to my touch will be converted, not by following any set of rules but by following the instincts of my heart as its rhythm melds with yours.”

As they tried to express their love in the ways of humans since Adam and Eve, they were not aware of the loss of isolation, the end of being apart and distinct. Becoming as the sea, tossed, stroked, set free to the reckless passions of nature, their liberating fusion brought with it unbounded joy.

And the tide came in and the tide went out.

The surrounding hills dressed in vibrant shades of green watched. The shimmering aqua blue sea with its frilly white edges massaging the shore listened. The ancient gray rocks, large enough to lie on, with markings remarkable enough to study for hours, knew its scent. Love was in the air and its fragrance lingered everywhere.

As the sunset came upon the lovers still lying lost in each other, it bathed the scene in breathtaking hues of purple and peach, the water mirroring the heavenly colors and flinging the palette from the sky back into the clouds. Never had a sunset painted a more beautiful picture of human emotion. Although the couple seemed to pay no heed to their surroundings, they felt all the beauty of sky, earth, and water enter their souls and magnify their love for each other. What they saw through each other’s eyes spoke of the certainty of heaven on earth.

As Kirk watched Janie sleeping beside him on this island paradise, he knew there was a God. Nothing man made could possibly match the ecstasy of sights and sensations in which they had been immersed.

Quaking in Japan

Quaking in Japan. Article by Berkana Institute’s Bob Stilger

How to be Romantic after Valentine’s Day

You are NOT going to find a list such as was used by teenage boys in their initial encounters with the opposite sex in the marvelous old movie, Summer of 42. This post will also not include quotations from romance novels whose authors seek to titillate readers with graphic details of the act.

The protagonist in my book IS romantic as the man whom he represents was romantic. A romantic person can [instinctively?] create the mood for intimacy—verbal and physical—by random acts of generosity. Those acts need not be expensive; only a few minutes of time or a single honest revelation is often the cost. The benefits…priceless. Here’s how my protagonist did it:

It was almost bedtime when I heard the click of my cell phone indicating a text message had arrived. I read, “sleep softly” on its screen and snuggled contentedly into my bed with a smile on my face. Kirk was just getting up in a time zone six hours ahead. We had only been together three times in the two months since we met, but the daily phone calls, e-mails, and text messages enabled us to build a connection stronger than any of my past same city relationships.
Poets say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but in our case, communication technology became the pathway. What traveled that path could have been the trivia of daily activity, but with this man it is not. I can feel Kirk’s passion as he openly expresses his yearnings and hear his compassion when he responds to reports of human kindness or human cruelty.

If readers would respond with their own perceptions and experiences of “romantic,” this could be the start of a list for the Summer of 11…

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