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Are there any servant leaders among The Company Men?

After watching the movie, The Company Men, with Ben Affleck, etal, I was initially appalled at the so true depiction of a CEO who eliminates a large part of his workforce, even those who helped him climb the ladder of success, while he grabs the brass ring—making among the highest earnings of corporate leaders.

The New York Times review

It is so difficult to understand what enables a human being to treat others, especially employees, with a total lack of compassion. In the movie, the CEO, James Salinger (played by Craig T. Nelson), counters the revulsion expressed by Gene McClary (the character of Tommy Lee Jones), commenting that their employees were paid well while they worked for them.  Salinger cares nothing about what the shocking loss of their jobs (at a time when good jobs are hard to find) will do to long-term, loyal workers.

What it does is force one (Ben Affleck) to take his family and move in with his parents while taking a much lower-paying construction job; justifies suicide for a 60 year old who had been a faithful employee from the day the manufacturing company started; and moves McClary to risk starting a new company with several former employees.

Is there a servant/relational leader in the group? I suggest that McClary qualifies. He portrays the one who cares what happens to others, speaks out against injustices (even though it eventually costs him his job) and helps others achieve and benefit from collective hard work.

If we discover and support the servant leaders in today’s business environment, we may experience what is written in Proverbs 28:28: “When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.”

Will you please help me commend the servant leaders among us?

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