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Fun with Photoshop Elements

After attending the SWMCCC Weekend of Photography, I purchased the 9th edition of Photoshop Elements. I had assumed there would be little difference between8 and 9, but I got caught again by assuming….

After spending most of the day trying to make the changes we were shown in the workshop, I ordered a manual.  (Why does it always seem so simple when someone is leading you through the steps??)

As promised, I worked on one of the photos uploaded to my last post. The revision is certainly not perfect but interesting, don’t you think? Here’s what I did:

  1. Increased the saturation by 30% (but I’m not sure it came through on the final layer)
  2. Cropped a bit off the left and right sides of the frame
  3. Created the “out of bounds” effect (one of the new features of 9th ed.)
  4. Reviewed the histogram but decided my original was acceptable
  5. Corrected my frustration by adding a touch of pride (not in 9th ed.)!

What would you have done to improve the original?

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