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Author Tour: “A Line in the Ice” by Jamie Craig

Review of Line in the Ice
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I.   Brief Storyline

This is the story interpreted through visual images in my August 7 post:

The initial action takes place in Antarctica on a base set up by a special forces group whose mission is to save the Earth from the alien armed creatures who occasionally crawl through a rift in the earth’s frozen crust. As we the readers enter the story, a creature—a leviathon—has just been destroyed, but in the aftermath another creature becomes visible just beyond the crack in the earh—a being shaped like a well-formed man.

Semi-frozen, this creature from a land inside the rift is Lysander, whose great-grandfather escaped the monsters’ rampage on the earth by entering the rift and making the land of Illyria his home. How could one not be drawn to Lysander with his rippling muscles, bronzed skin, and way of using quotes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to desribe his feelings and observations. Charlie, a fearless female member of the Antarctic team who’d rather box than read Shakespeare, is irrepressibly drawn to him. Charlie’s willingness to protect and comfort him before her team members are convinced of his authenticity creates a bond between them that quickly moves into an intimate liaison (expressed in vivid detail).

Yet Lysander has not come to build relationships with humans; he has come to save them from the Aquorians, the powerful, murderous monkey-like creatures who had destroyed the inhabitants of his world and now are bent on leaving the Earth as desolate. Lysander has what it takes to close the rift so the Aquorians and the leviathons can no longer use it as a passage to the Earth, but he needs help.

If Charlie agrees to help him by restraining the enemy long enough to accomplish the task, she may  be sending him to his death. Assuredly, success in sealing the “line in the ice” between their worlds means being forever parted. Will Lysander save the Earth and live to return to Illyria, a natural  paradise….alone? Are other planets also susceptible to attack by these monsters? To find the answers, read the book!

II.  My Evaluation

Writing style – 5 stars
Varied sentence structure, excellent word choices, grammatically correct

Characterization: 4 stars
Lysander, my favorite character, is the most human—although he may not be fully human—because of his sensitivity to the leviathons and his love of literature expressed through showing rather than telling.

Realism – 3 stars
Even in sci fi I can’t believe that a man and a woman will develop sacrificial love in just a few days. And a man from another world who quotes Shakespeare and falls deeply in love with a woman straight out of a James Bond flick…hmmm.

Content suitability – 3.5 stars
The story’s monsters, magic, and mission have similarities to numerous science fiction/fantasy stories I’ve read. The big difference is the erotic scenes which seemed out of place, maybe because I’ve never read that in a sci fi novel (but then I didn’t look at the authors’ website before I read the book).

Average – 3.9 stars

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