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Do You Review? Micki Does!

canstockphoto11687088I do a lot of my purchasing online these days, primarily because I can read other customers’ experiences. When people take the time to not just “like” something but to explain why,  I’m more confident that it will (or won’t) interest me. I bet you feel the same way. But do you reciprocate?

Micki does!

Writing reviews of books or any product can be time-consuming, forcing us to draw on our creative side which already is overworked or may have been dormant so long we’re not sure it still works. So why not just let others do it; after all, there are people who get paid to do this.

But do we always believe or agree with the professional reviewers? Think about the movie reviews you’ve read recently… Most of us would rather access reviews of people who are similar to us, people we can identify with. But those people are busy doing some of the same thing we do, like my colleague, Micki.

Micki on Pinterest  Micki Peluso is a published author who still does all the things a wife, mother, grandmother, student and instructor (without the formal titles), friend and  involved citizen does. Yet she has written 56 book reviews–her most recent being a review of my novel (for which I’m extremely grateful!) Her gift to readers, freely given to those of us who rely on reviews for our own buying decisions, has become a personal call to action.  Taking the time to write a review of my own purchases–whether books or any other necessary object–is a gift to people I may never meet, whether creators or potential buyers. Yet it’s proof that, like Micki, I am interested in others!

I’m concluding my plea for all of us to post more reviews with this link to examples of Micki’s reviews: Micki Peluso’s book reviews (including mine!)  To entice you to go there, here’s the final lines from her review of Pieces of You.

A Book That Speaks to the Soul, February 8, 2013
This review is from: Pieces of You (Paperback)

Author J. F. Elferdink writes a remarkable compelling story which will linger in the minds of the reader, perhaps forever. It might entice or scare readers, helping to redefine their lives, examine their actions and the motives behind them. It is not a work that one can just read and put down without in-depth personal contemplation. This is a book that speaks to the soul.

When and where is the last review you’ve written?

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