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Mature Long-distance Love Wins

Route from Geneva Switzerland to Detroit, MI

From Pieces of You:

“Dad, if you won’t share our home will you, at least, let us help you find someone to share yours?”

“Well, I have ample space but I don’t think I’d be a very good landlord.”

”Come on, Dad,” Claire said, “You know what we’re getting at. We wish you’d find a good woman. Would you let us help?”

“Now that’s a new dilemma. My children don’t think I can attract members of the opposite sex any more. It’s true I haven’t had a date in a few years but….”

“Because of your constant traveling, we think your best bet is an online dating service. Several of our friends swear by it.” As she said this, Claire gave her father-in-law a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Succumbing to her persuasive tactic, Mark agreed to look into it.

By the time Mark left for home the next day, a subscription to “SeniorFriendFinder” and a detailed profile already awaited his approval.

Just as I was about to give up on Internet matchmaker services, a message came from ‘Bluewatersailor: Good catch for a good woman.’

The basic information profiled a man two years older than me who had a multitude of interests. The only reason his profile was not a 100% match was the miles—actually an ocean—between us. I looked up the distance between his primary home in Geneva and mine in Detroit: 4,200 miles. But his first note added he had recently purchased a temporary home on the west side of Michigan. I wrote back.

The next evening he called. The voice on the other end projected an appealing calmness and confidence. We talked again within the week. In between, I got friendly little text messages. After the third phone conversation, we agreed to meet.

The first couple of hours together were fairly typical for a first date: sharing our best stories over dinner and drinks. An occasional slip of his mask made me wonder what I, too, might be revealing. His expressions assured me I was doing okay. The farewell kiss punctuated the end of our first date like an exclamation point ending a sentence that deserves special emphasis.

Nearly four months later an e-mail from Mark contained the captivating words: “Just wanted to remind you that I am in love with you.”

The Saturday before Thanksgiving his flight to Detroit was booked and he promised to call just before his plane lifted off.

That call never came.

Mark lay in a Swiss hospital thinking, “What’s happened to me and where am I?”

Zachri responded, “This will be hard for you to comprehend but it’s the truth: you are in a coma. I was summoned by Janine’s pleading.”

Author page: https://www.amazon.com/author/jelferdink

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