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“To Kill a Mockingbird”–the Best Book for Learning How To Write Fiction

My prayer is to write one book–even just one page–that would touch hearts and minds as Harper Lee’s only book does! To Kill a Mockingbird, published in 1960,  will certainly never be outdated, at least not until human beings change enough to respect every other one created by God. (And even then it would be a great reminder of how far we would have come…)

I am absolutely astounded at the way she wove such a powerful message through such a delightful story! Without its universality (ideas that touch on common experiences), it wouldn’t have become a classic. Without its individuality (fresh approach to a universal subject), it would have been just another review of a topic of which we’ve grown bored. As a reader, I allowed Harper Lee access to my rational mind, the place where I am teachable, because of her extraordinary writing style.  She gave me room to  inhabit the work ( to use my experiences and knowledge to enhance its meaning and emotional impact) with detail and dialogue.Her characters came to life, not only in the story’s setting, but also as archetypes of people I know.

In my opinion, To Kill a Mockingbird is THE prototype for fiction that can change our world!

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