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Another’s Version of Heaven (via Dante)

As I looked for others’ viewpoints of what people (deceased) do in heaven, I was reminded of Paradiso (the last book of the Divine Comedy), the work of the man considered  by many to be the world’s greatest poet, Dante Alighieri

Here is a commentary on a small section of Paradiso on Nathan Gilmour’s blog, “Hardly the Last Word”:

I still get goosebumps when Dante rises to the seventh sphere and everything goes blank on him. The music of heaven stops playing, Beatrice’s face becomes a mask, and everyone speaks in hushed tones. When he asks the spirit of St. Benedict what has happened, the old monk tells him that the music and the beauty of this sphere is actually greater than any of the six before, but for a mortal, even one saved, to behold it would destroy him with the intensity of its harmony and splendor.

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