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Musings on the last day of 2012

Best Christmas gift

A common theme for this day is to consider what went really well during this past year and where we would prefer to hit the reset button. I will use the strategy of making lists (stealing from the typical process for New Year’s resolutions or making lists of what we want for Christmas). Here are what I consider the best and the worst of my experiences during 2012:

The Best:

1.  Celebrated Christmas with all my grandchildren (the first time they’ve been together on Christmas Eve in five years!)

2. Completed the eighth draft of my first novel, Pieces of You, and self-published it in August using CreateSpace.

3.  Enjoyed Thanksgiving with both my children–Linnay came from Florida for a ten day visit

4.  Learned along with some unusually nice and committed students in classes I taught online and on-campus for Davenport U

5. Met new friends from other countries through social media resources, primarily LinkedIn; some I now consider “community,” even though we’ve never met face-to-face

6.  Became eligible for Medicare, allowing me to have regular (preventative) health care for the first time in over four years.

The Worst (or at least most frustrating):

1.  Trying to market my novel to a public unaware and/or uninterested in the story it took me five years and a personal crisis to write.

2.  Worrying while my grandson went through 13 weeks of Marine Boot Camp–and the worrying has only begun!

3.  Losing some of my files and photos because I failed to back-up everything on my laptop and when my hard drive failed, nothing could be recovered.

4. Searching for Mr. Right among a vast throng of others… (Hmmm….kind of like #1; targeting the market and then reaching out to those who would be appreciative IF they were aware).

Making these lists is a useless activity unless I analyze what they say about me and apply this awareness to my decisions for the future. [I’m only sharing them with you because we may be more alike than different 🙂
Here’s what I see:

1. Most of my best experiences relate to relationships, especially being with people who’ve become integral to my sense of well-being. (Keyword: people)

2. Most of my worst experiences relate to trying to do things I didn’t need to do and would not make a difference (e.g. worrying); not doing things the right way (e.g., backing up computer files regularly); or doing things alone that would likely be more successful with help (e.g., marketing). (Keyword: doing)

3.  My best experiences far exceed my worst; therefore, gratitude is my response to 2012. (Keyword: meaning)

How are you responding to 2012: really glad or sorry it’ll be over in a few hours? I’d love to know how you rate 2012 AND WHY!

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