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Introducing Harmlessjoyce (aka Joyce Elferdink), this blog’s author

After watching the movie, Julie and Julia, I realized the significance of shared glimpses and gambits on what is purposeful and meaningful in our lives. Some of my own perceptions are profiled through my novel; who knows, maybe it will include pieces of you.

This is what I would tell everyone: I am distinctly creative and reasonably intelligent, with a zany sense of humor. These are a few of my favorite things: science fiction (and most other books, too); stimulating conversation (actually that should be at the top of the list); any shades of pink and purple; trying new things and visiting new places (especially with my grandchildren); and the list goes on…

This is what you may want to know: I have a masters’ degree in Communications and Urban Studies from Michigan State and have used my interdepartmental degree for two different careers. Urban Studies enabled me to be an effective economic development director, bringing jobs to communities by attracting new industries. The communications focus has allowed me to teach public speaking, English and writing, and several other topics at the college level starting with a public speaking class at a military base for Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. By the way, I never planned to teach public speaking because I didn’t take the course in college–I was among the majority who let fear hold us back . Neither did I plan to go into the Peace Corps but I volunteered after my children left home. I was in the first group ever to go into Kazakhstan.  Our mission was to set up Small Business Development Centers to serve entrepreneurs who had never before had the opportunity to run a business. It was the most fascinating and frustrating experience of my life.

This is what I only tell my supporters and my friends: You are urged to contribute realistic, respectful feedback on whatever I offer, but especially on passages from my novel or excerpts from editorials.

I challenge you to take up the tools of verbal and written communication, our greatest resources for “being the changes we wish to see in the world” (Gandhi).

You can count on me to do my part to make this blog lively, entertaining, but always focused on a point and a plea–to be just and do not fear. You can also count on me to be regularly present, sometimes provocative, and always passionate in my role as facilitator of this site.

Welcome to harmlessjoyce’s Blog: A Novel Site!

Comments on: "Introducing Harmlessjoyce (aka Joyce Elferdink), this blog’s author" (9)

  1. Love your site. I saw one of your reviews and played, follow the links. I hope you don’t mind that I shared a few of your tips with our writers group, Huron Area Writers Group, Inc.

    I just finished my third novel. I write mostly young adult themes but the third novel is a historical mystery set in Detroit, Michigan.

    The cover description reads: “Tianna was shot as she walked to King High School in Detroit, Michigan. Her family is told she will die within days. There may be hope though. An experimental treatment might repair the damage, but there are no guarantees. What follows is a magical trip into reincarnation and a 300 year old murder mystery that takes place in Detroit. With murders at Fort Ponchartrain, during Pontiac’s Indian riots, 1805 Detroit’s great fire, 1800’s Black Bottom, 1920’s Hastings Street, and during the riots of 1967, this historical thriller will tickle your imagination.”

    I would love to entice you to read and perhaps review my work. Let me know, I could send a paperback, or ebook.

    Appreciate your time,

    Duane Wurst


  2. Joyce, Jimsecor. Kahlil Gibran sits on my shelves–well, actually one shelf in order to satisfy my OC–with Rumi. Especially Rumi. His helper, Shams…did you know this means “sun”? I changed him and used him in my just finsihed but not yet edited again book on a youth hero, Jeremiah P. Goodritter, who sets out on a search to find out if he’s really good because he discovered he’s related to the most evil person in the world, Lurid Glum. He ends up coming upon “what is good.” Anyway, now you know how to contact me directly. I do look forward to working together.


  3. Anonymous said:

    Joyce, this is fantastic. I have read quite thoroughly what you have written and referenced here and I find it wonderfully interesting and inspiring. I, now, really appreciate what you are doing in your thinking and writing. Thank you for directing me to your sight.


    • Thank you Anonymous! (Is that you, Frank?) I would love to have regular discussions here on writing, reading and acts that may help each of us find our way to “be the change.” I pledge to write thoughtful entries more often, and hope you will pledge to be a regular reader and participant in perceptive discussions.


  4. That quotation from Gandhi is one of my favorite quotations of all time and is one of the guiding quotations in my life. I truly believe that we are the agents of change in the world and change must always come from us first.


  5. Thank you, thank you, Mary–for being my friend and for passing on my blog address. I absolutely love online discussions. It’s my favorite part of networking and teaching online, even in my public speaking classes.


  6. Mary Voss said:

    Hi Joyce, So glad to know you. Now that I have read this I know you even better! I’m very impressed with all your life experiences. I’ve passed your blog on to my sister in Toronto who writes and local friends that are writing their memoirs.


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