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kahlil-gibranI just read The Crucified by Kahlil Gibran, and then found it published in this blog entry  by Dave Feucht. I offer it to you with this introduction and prayer:

In the words of Gibran:

On this one day of each year, the philosophers leave their dark caves, and the thinkers their cold cells, and the poets their imaginary arbors, and all stand reverently upon that silent mountain, listening to the voice of a young man saying of his killers, “Oh Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.”

But as dark silences chokes the voices of the light, the philosophers and the thinkers and the poets return to their narrow crevices and shroud their souls with meaningless pages of parchment.

Please, dear friends, don’t let it be this way for us this Easter season. Let us use the power in our words to tell our readers something they need to know! Something that may bring them more joy or understanding or even a greater capacity and desire to love one another.  Amen.

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  2. Dear Micki, Your proclamation that God is always near and that you feel His presence relates to a recent sermon. Our minister told the story of a little fish who asked an older fish how to find the ocean. The reply was, “you’re in it.” Disbelieving, the little fish said he was only in water and took off looking for the ocean. You’ve found the “ocean” and bear witness to His power to heal, even through the death of a dear daughter.

    And thank you for sharing Kelly’s reaction to my novel.
    Love to you!


  3. What wonderful, apt post for the Holiday. It ‘s so true that so many of us come out for holidays and then go back to our own lives, forgetting that the presence and essence of God is always within us, just waiting for us to notice. I am so blessed to actually feel the spirit with in me when I pray or call upon my God–it is a feeling beyond esctasy and I am humbled to have been given this great gift. For with it I am never lonely, always one with my creator, who is also one with me.

    On another note my one daughter, Kelly, is loving your book! Have a blessed Easter, with the joy of it following you throughout the years.

    Love, Micki


  4. Taylor and Marta, how can I respond except to say I love you ladies!


  5. Beautiful sentiment to share at this Holy time…thank you for sharing this my sweet sister!


  6. Amen indeed. There’s no true joy unless it is shared with others. Giving is a wonderful human tool. What I pity so many are blind to it and exchange it for asking or taking.
    Thank you for your Easter choice, my dear friend.


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