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Why do so many of our friends and neighbors go to bed hungry? I found this website to be very helpful in answering that question and defining World hunger – Reasons and What We Can Do.  

I have just completed an outline for my second novel, one that will answer this question with, “Food is being used as the weapon of choice to keep people (the 99%)  in servitude.” It will portray a future where a few corporate leaders have taken control of most of the food supply by transporting basic foodstuffs off our planet using a space elevator.  Sound unrealistic? Space elevators are not far from reality according to this article: Space Elevator by 2050?

You may have read about government leaders limiting the availability of food to “crush the hearts, minds and spirits of civilians.” Here’s a recent article on how that is playing out in Ethiopia: African Hunger Games

I am convinced the best way to serve the hungry is to communicate our distress, our suggestions and willingness to act by writing stories or articles and/or by speaking out.  My way (at least for now) is to write stories using words that paint true pictures rather than disguise reality by playing semantic games (e.g., famine and starvation vs food insecurity or shortages).

I would love to hear from readers who feel strongly about this injustice. Would you please  make comments, tell your stories or share your images here?

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