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Since I now have marvelous editorial assistance for the eighth and hopefully final revision of my first novel, it is time to begin my sequel. I had not planned to write a second, especially since the idea for my first came after disaster struck in my life. It’s been four years since the death of my heart’s love, and life is good. I’m semi-retired: teaching one college course most terms and benefiting in many unexpected ways from the return to my hometown.  So why return to the struggle of writing a whole book?

Because there’s another story to be told that just might make a difference in the lives of a few people…  And since it’s a sequel, it  didn’t require a major crisis to be the initiating factor. Instead, starting the project represents my need to ask another question–maybe even getting answers along the way. As Gary Scmidt told the crowd at the Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing, a writer’s focus, comes when we find and attend to that question that stirs us and leads us to write stories that say to the reader: “Why don’t you try this?”

My question: How can I act justly when I am overwhelmed by the number of  injustices prevalent in our world and feel a sense of powerlessness to intercede?

Will I find answers? There’s no assurance they will come through storytelling, but I may at the least cause others to ask similar questions. So I begin…

Here’s the start of an outline for what I am calling a science fiction novel: [I would love to get feedback from you (e.g., Does Part I’s premise capture your attention? Bring up questions? ]


Purpose: To show that spirits are active on the Earth, good and evil fighting for dominance, although world conditions make it seem that evil is winning. But there’s hope when humans team up with supernatural beings (of the “white” kind)… One of these teams will include Janine, an elderly woman whose lover, Mark, died more than fifteen years ago. She has been feeling his presence strongly in the last few months as living conditions for her family (along with the vast majority of the earth’s population) have greatly deteriorated.

Part I

Continue where Mark’s glimpse of the future left off (in first novel, Pieces of You)

  1. The world has changed drastically. Control of the wealth is in the hands of a coalition of three international corporations. Partners for ten years, one is now trying to force the other two into subordinate positions. And it seems to be working. Corporation A has created an alliance with a supernatural group, even though the price will be extremely high.
  2. The act of repression and reorganization is distracting the coalition from maintaining the fragile balance of plant growth, harvesting, processing and storage; a balance the corporations strive to maintain to keep costs up and other producers out.

Space Elevator for food storage; Power struggle leads to world famine

  1. The coalition stores much of the basic foodstuff in outer space, transported there by a space elevator. Recently, some of the food is unaccounted for, stolen by space wanderers (evidence points to a gang of young people who say they’ve been receiving help from members of a celestial team).  Even though the stolen food is making its way into the mouths of the Earth’s hungry, the tiny amount cannot quell the rising desperation of the vast majority of the population.
  2. As the world famine becomes severe enough to produce rebellion, the global leadership works to expand the agricultural system they’ve created, but it may be too late—unless either an alternative source—or type—of food can be found.
  3. If another group finds or creates enough food to end the famine, it will surely become the new world leader. Corporation A, with its allies, is certain that won’t happen, but it has made powerful enemies, especially its former partners. And Corporation A doesn’t realize the growing strength of the gang of rebels who, up to now, have been only an insignificant nuisance.  That was before hunger gave them a powerful incentive, and before a new partnership gave them hope.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Great job on your blog and content. I’m looking forward to your novel.

    Rich Hackett


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