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Coming Home to Holland, MI » Dutch dancers

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  1. Annemarie van Loenen said:

    Hi Joyce, Thanks for answering! I am impressed with the massive participation in Dutch dancing in Holland and other places in Michigan. They do things that we here in Holland stopped with a long time ago. Many of the costumes are very realistic indeed. What I wonder is where the get all those wooden shoes from. Is there a factory there? I also saw on many Youtube videos that dancers quite often break one of their clogs. Here in Holland clogs almost never break. Maybe the are using them too intensive. You told me that tyou was a Dutch dancer too. Did you ever break ore loose a clog? If yes: what is the ‘official’way to do: Going on dancing? look forward to your answer! Kind regards Annemarie


    • Yes, there is a wooden shoe factory in Holland, MI. Several years ago I worked for the local Chamber of Commerce. One of the benefits of the job was a free tailor-made authentic Dutch costume and wooden shoes with my name engraved–a very unusual job benefit! I never broke a shoe but it happens. I assume because of the many thick socks worn, dancers could carry on. (It’s nice to interact with you!)


  2. Annemarie, I am not as active as I planned to be on my blog (somewhat due to a family tragedy that occurred in June), but I am still available. Please do contact me!


  3. Annemarie van Loenen said:

    Hi Joyce, I just found your response on my question. Four years after date! Are you still active on this account? Please let me know so that I can answer you. Kind regards, Annemarie


  4. Hello Annemarie,

    I was a Dutch Dancer in high school many years ago. One of my classmates is still teaching Dutch Dance so If I can’t answer your questions, I’ll ask Patty. I was born in Holland, MI (but not of Dutch parents) and moved back here three years ago. I’d be happy to try to answer your questions; I have some, too. For one, Holland, Michigan was extremely conservative when I was a child, yet I hear that Holland, Europe continues to be quite liberal. Do you have any ideas why that would be?


  5. annemarie van loenen said:

    Hi Joyce
    Have you been a Dutch dancers yourself? If yes I would like to ask you some questions about it. I am from Holland, Europe, and I am interesting in our heritage in the USA.
    Kind regards



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