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Starting the week by posting a photo and suggesting the floating objects might be an alien invasion may seem unrelated to my end-of-week musings on what we may do in heaven.  Let me try to connect the dots (as I see them strewn about on my home page). After the initial photo, I reviewed C.S. Lewis’ science fiction story of surprisingly fulfilling human interaction with the diversity of life forms on the planet Malacandra (AKA Mars). The following day readers were exposed to my brief analysis of Matt Damon’s role as George in the movie, Hereafter, in which George had the dubious gift of mediating between relative strangers and their deceased relatives. One young boy who wanted more than just a brief message from his dead twin was upset that George couldn’t give him more information.

I, too, wanted to know more than what was revealed in a brief dream-state visit from a deceased loved one a few years ago, especially since I sensed busyness, something that surprised me  because of my perception of an almost monotonous existence  emptied of all that we enjoy most on earth.  So I began to create a story of what I hoped it would be like for him.

The link is the stories told.

It is in storytelling that we try to make sense of our world or envision the future; stories help us “see” the unknowable in human terms.  Consider the subjects of ancient myths, fantasies, and my beloved science fiction novels—many tell of gods as heroes or evil personified or humans thrust into utopias or netherworlds. Good storytelling allows us to almost believe these tales and sometimes even to sense a validation of folklore as if we had always known their stories were more than make-believe.

We cannot be sure about what happens in heaven, we can’t even prove its existence; nevertheless, many of us devour depictions in art or story form (and movies), and once in a while we feel compelled to make up our own…and hope for validation someday.

In the meantime, I suggest we continue reading what flows from the minds of good storytellers, expecting to catch an occasional glimpse that rings true.


Comments on: "Week in Review: Is There a Link Between Alien Invasion & Imagining our Afterlife?" (1)

  1. I agree, it’s interesting, probably in the future …


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