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This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog. Come with me as the curtain is lifted and we get a glimpse of what heaven’s residents do (with apologies for offering only a finite perspective on the infinite!).

In the next instant Kirk was transported through the ultimate mystery into glory, to an experience radically new yet tinged with the familiar, a place of radiance, purity, peace, vibrant colors and dramatic energies.

“Can you describe what you are seeing and feeling, Kirk?”

Busyness; How astonishing! I see beings doing a great variety of activities, all with a look of pure contentment. Beauty beyond belief; I see colors that are indescribable; light-reflecting brilliance that seems to bathe everything in splendor. But also beauty in every face and body, the breathtaking kind associated with cherry blossoms at their perfection or the sun’s transforming touch on earth and water at day’s end. I wish I knew more descriptive words… Power; I feel a power that is nothing like the competitive strivings within human hierarchies; instead I sense the unalterable assurance that what is desired is happening because it should, and therefore, this power is a completely uninhibited, natural force. Interdependence; I’m feeling entirely unique and absolutely necessary to every other being, not just for what I can do but because of who I am fully integrated with who they are and what they can do.

“It is very clear to me that what I see and feel is not the result of a natural interplay of forces, but something much more intentional: the only word that comes to me is perfection. Everything I observe and sense seems to be wrapped in something from which it draws its manner or structure. Is it God?”

“Your response is accurate as far as is humanly possible to experience and define. Instantly, you have entered into seventh heaven, known as the dwelling place of God and His angels, and instantly, you knew the transfiguration of the environment and yourself.

“What stands out as the most shocking revelation in what you are learning?”

“I’m most startled by the busyness of its inhabitants and the diversity of their activities. I thought the only act of the heavenly beings was worship.”

“It is, but most humans separate worship from work. Bringing your gifts to the altar—using your talents productively—is the vanguard activity of worship because it brings boundless joy to supplier and recipient. Think of how you feel when you give a gift or a compliment. And think of how you feel—after you overcome the uneasiness— when you receive a precious gift or sincere compliment. Now eliminate all the mental and physical barriers to doing exactly and only what you love most. How often would you choose work defined that way over idleness? How difficult would it be to obey if you were being asked to do that which brings you sheer joy, never exhausting and always beneficial?

If this environment was yours, and you were interconnected with all other passionately engaged humans who had previously crossed over, think of the potential impact of any assignment!


What do you think people do after they cross over? Are our images dissimilar or close? Or has the question never come up?


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