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How can we get along with hrossa, sorns & pfifltriggi (C. S. Lewis’ Malacandra/Mars’ inhabitants)?

(1) Allow each to do what they do best, what their body shape, special interests,  and intelligence are highly suited for;

(2) Do not treat one type as the ruler of the others but honor each because they all make necessary contributions for sustaining living conditions, even in a fading paradise;

(3) Accept that just because a species seems to have more animal traits than ours and lives in a place we always thought simply uninhabitable, their intellects and intuitions may very well be worlds above ours;

and most importantly,

(4) Honor and obey Maleldil  because He is the only true ruler, even though He has sealed the Earth to protect the rest of the universe from its bent Oyarsa. Oh, and do believe in eldila, even though you can only vaguely perceive their presence.

Now, do we honestly need any more rules for living harmoniously in ours or alien lands?

Out of the Silent Planet in animated form by Puddleglum (a video series on YouTube)

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