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Newspapers and television newscasters sometimes give us the week in review so I decided that would be appropriate to end my blogging week, too.  What I hope to do is to find the threads that run through the last six posts, and to discover whether these threads can be combined into a cord strong enough to pull the one who holds it to a safe place.

I’ve proposed that effective listening, the kind that displaces automatic listening, and storytelling, the narratives that tell of our shared humanity, will enable us to bridge some of the gaps between our side and “theirs.”   I’ve suggested that the way to take back our power and make government work for the majority is to participate in the Democratic process and to do it while collaborating, not fighting. (We have historical role models to help us define ways that exclude violence.) Finally, I referred to Marshall McLuhan’s theory that the medium is the message to suggest that we are the medium others watch.

The thread that runs through the posts during the week starting May 16 is to stop vilifying and start using the tools of listening and storytelling to “set aside our differences, roll up our sleeves, and figure out how the American people can climb into the driver’s seat of our government” (from Collaborate by Annabel Parks).


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