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\”Why Growing Income Equality is Bad for America\” by Robt. Creamer, political organizer & author

How can we take back the power of the people so that our country’s laws/regulations reflect the interests of the majority rather than the richest?

1.  Become a participant in the democratic process. Here’s a way to begin: Democracy\’s Challenge: Reclaiming the Public\’s Role\”

2.  collaborate

I echo what Annabel Park, founding member of The Coffee Party says: Democracy should be a collaboration, not a fight. Democracy is a coming together to overcome the rampant greed and/or indifference that allows a few to prosper and many to  despair.  We came together in the past and turned the tide on societal evils. Our heroes were not always the recognized leaders; instead, they were people just like us. Something or someone kindled the courage in their souls and they stepped out and became a throng shouting “no more” and “we shall overcome.”
The Beatle\’s song performed by Delbert McClinton

Isn’t it time for the people to come together again?


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