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Friday Photo

When I taught English Composition, I had students write a paragraph or two on what they saw in an abstract painting.  Few saw the same thing, but what each wrote was absolutely correct for their perception of the image–as long as they wrote vividly enough to  create a similar image in the mind of the reader.

It could be fun to use that same concept to describe my amateur photographs. Here’s one I took Sunday near Saugatuck (MI). I’ll write a couple of lines of what I see in it, and then I hope you will comment, describing what it conjures up in your mind.

Beware the Metal Man, parts riveted in place, ruins of some more important purpose; he rises up to take his place on the shore. With tool box in hand, he will accomplish his purpose. He cannot be moved. Beware the man of metal, he has no heart for our suffering. He’s only made of metal, not of steel.


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