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You are NOT going to find a list such as was used by teenage boys in their initial encounters with the opposite sex in the marvelous old movie, Summer of 42. This post will also not include quotations from romance novels whose authors seek to titillate readers with graphic details of the act.

The protagonist in my book IS romantic as the man whom he represents was romantic. A romantic person can [instinctively?] create the mood for intimacy—verbal and physical—by random acts of generosity. Those acts need not be expensive; only a few minutes of time or a single honest revelation is often the cost. The benefits…priceless. Here’s how my protagonist did it:

It was almost bedtime when I heard the click of my cell phone indicating a text message had arrived. I read, “sleep softly” on its screen and snuggled contentedly into my bed with a smile on my face. Kirk was just getting up in a time zone six hours ahead. We had only been together three times in the two months since we met, but the daily phone calls, e-mails, and text messages enabled us to build a connection stronger than any of my past same city relationships.
Poets say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but in our case, communication technology became the pathway. What traveled that path could have been the trivia of daily activity, but with this man it is not. I can feel Kirk’s passion as he openly expresses his yearnings and hear his compassion when he responds to reports of human kindness or human cruelty.

If readers would respond with their own perceptions and experiences of “romantic,” this could be the start of a list for the Summer of 11…


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